Latest data

Latest data

In the map below it is possible to identify the centers that have joined the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Register Project.


(acting on the keys + and - on the map it is possible to increase or decrease the detail of the participating centers. The same effect is obtained by acting on the scroll of the mouse)

At the month of ottobre 2021 more than 74000 people with Multiple Sclerosis registered in the Project.


RegionNum. of centers
Abruzzo 3
Basilicata 1
Calabria 3
Campania 11
Emilia-Romagna 9
Friuli-Venezia Giulia 2
RegionNum. of centers
Lazio 15
Liguria 9
Lombardia 25
Marche 4
Molise 1
Piemonte 13
RegionNum. of centers
Puglia 7
Sardegna 4
Sicilia 11
Toscana 10
Umbria 3
Veneto 8

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